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About Us

We are a group of Young Moms, who also happen to be Best Friends, who were constantly frustrated each time we overpayed for subpar products for our Little Ones. So, we got together, combined our strengths and founded The Mamma Shop. 
The Mamma Shop presents our Top Picks of "Must-Have" Items for the New, Young Mother that we have managed to secure at amazing prices for our valued customers.
Our Mission is simple: Bring items of high quality and value to our customers at the Lowest prices.
We offer you the lowest possible price by cutting out the middle men. We do not carry any inventory. Rather, every order ships directly from our manufacturers located across the Globe. We know that, at times, a longer ship time may be disappointing. But, we have sourced from these manufacturers to bring you the best of the best. We personally believe that the products we offer our customers are absolutely worth the wait! 

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